The 10 most inspiring… Art hotels

A mobile by Alexander Calder. (photo: Céline Clanet)

Mobile by Alexander Calder

A 1952 mosaic by Fernand Léger.(photo: Céline Clanet)1952 Mosaic by Fernand Léger

2: Hotel Atelier sul Mare

Another example is art hotel Atelier sul Mare, the only Art-Museum-Hotel in the world, on the northern coast of Sicily, Italy. The hotel rooms have been handed over to the artists to be transformed into immersive works of art and are designed to blow away the hotel guest. Different artists use this inspiration in different ways – from ‘Power’ (by Maurizio Marchetti), ‘Absorbing Nest’ (by Paolo Icaro), the ‘Mystery for the Moon’ (by Hidetoshi Nagasawa) or the reflective ‘Denial of the Sea’ (by Fabrizio Plessi).

Trinacria room by Mauro Staccioli (photo: Gala Hotels)

Hotel Atelier sul Mare, Earth & Fire roomHotel Atelier sul Mare, Earth & Fire room by Luigi Mainolfi (photo: Ken Sparkes)

3: Hotel du Petit Moulin

An historic 17th-century building, with an original baker’s shop front, Hotel du Petit Moulin is a truly unique residence with flamboyant interiors designed by Christian Lacroix. Through the hotels’ decoration, visitors can take a look into Paris’ history, culture and art. The hotel is within walking distance of the Picasso Museum, Place des Vosges and the Opera Bastille. The atmosphere at Hotel du Petit Moulin changes from room to room which is very much its charm. From brightly colored 60s furniture in the bar, and plush textiles, leather sofas and highly decorative walls in the lounge to green corridors with polka-dot carpeting that lead to Baroque, Rococo and Couture designed rooms, it is a fascinating journey through the artistic expertise of Lacroix.

Deluxe room by Christian Lacroix (photo: Christophe Bielsa)Deluxe Room by Christian Lacroix (photo: Christophe Bielsa)

Deluxe room by Christian LacroixDeluxe Room by Christian Lacroix (photo: Christophe Bielsa)

4: 21c Museum Hotels

The 21c Museum Hotels, based in Louisville, Cincinnati, Bentonville, Durham, Lexington, Oklahoma City and Nashville, are a combination of a contemporary art museum and a boutique hotel chain. The first ‘museum’ that was launched was the one in Louisville in 2006 and the rest followed. 21c Museum is North America’s only museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art of the 21st century. The museum is open free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More than twenty special exhibitions and installations have been organized by the 21c Museum since its opening in 2006.

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